turn your shower into a spa shower

Don’t you wish you could wake up every morning and step into your own luxurious spa retreat? With the right bathroom renovations, you can. Storm Magazine is always looking for new and creative ways to make the bathroom a personal sanctuary. Today, we’re going to share a few tips and techniques that will help you turn your shower in your own personal spa retreat.

Open Your Shower

Whether you use a shower curtain or a stall door, showers have a way of being private – but suffocating. You move slowly and awkwardly to avoid falling out or knocking things over. It’s dark, and it’s constraining.

Remove the doors, and you liberate your showering experience.

To do this, you need a relatively large area to place your shower. The taller you shower stall, the easier it will be to remove the doors and enjoying a freeing shower experience.

A Rain Shower Head

rain shower head

Nothing screams “spa” like a rain shower head – especially if you’re looking to create a natural, relaxing space. These shower heads are larger, and produce a steady stream of water just like a natural rain shower.

There are a variety of styles to choose from, but the best rain shower head will offer a combination of water efficiency, flexibility and versatility. You should be able to adjust the angle of the shower head, it should offer water efficiency and you should be able to adjust the stream of the water.

One thing you do need to keep in mind if you’re upgrading your shower head: the size of your hot water heater. Make sure it’s up to the task of keeping up with your new shower head. A cold shower will quickly turn your spa experience into a miserable morning.

Consider Multiple Showerheads

If you have the space and the budget, you may consider installing several showerheads and/or a body spray shower head that shoots water straight forward. If you have a wide enough space, you can install a shower head on each side of the stall and a rain shower head in the center. Body sprayers can add to the overall experience, but may be overkill.

Regardless of your layout, multiple showerheads create a luxurious experience that really make you feel clean when you step out of the shower each morning.

Add Some Light

Did you know that many modern shower heads come equipped with color LED lights? That’s right! You can add a little color to your morning or evening shower with the flip of a switch.

Colored lights are more common with rain shower heads because they offer such a large surface area, but some handheld shower heads offer them as well. Colors range from blue to green, yellow, red and everything in between.

While not necessary, adding a little bit of color to your shower can be relaxing and uplifting.

The Little Details

One last – but important – tip: don’t forget the details. Create a luxurious, comforting environment by choosing soft, earthy colors. Choose natural surface materials, like stone or granite. Keep big, fluffy towels on display as well as candles. Décor, such as statues and wall paintings, can help complete the spa experience.